• About The Whalen Company

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The Whalen Company: HVAC Industry Pioneer

Established in 1962, The Whalen Company is one of America’s most innovative leaders in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry. 

As originators of vertical stacked fan coil units and heat pumps, we are committed to offering practical solutions for developers, architects and builders that reduce costs and improve performance.

The history of The Whalen Company demonstrates our commitment to purpose-driven engineering and operational efficiency.  Our design and manufacturing philosophy is grounded in the belief that customers benefit from lower project costs when field labor is transferred into a controlled factory setting.

Today, more than a half-century after our founding, The Whalen Company continues to provide solutions for new and replacement air conditioners, with a steadily increasing line of products.  We have participated in thousands of applications worldwide including hotels, motels, condominiums, apartments, senior living facilities, office buildings, schools and dormitories.

Heating and Cooling Industry Firsts

The number of industry “firsts” from Whalen is impressive.  They include:

  • The industry’s first vertical stack valveless fan coils
  • The first vertical stack heat pump offering
  • The first removable chassis ducted vertical heat pumps
  • The first AHRI-listed water-cooled air conditioning units with hydronic heat

Our flexibility and expertise allow us to meet the needs of our customers by providing a design that fits seamlessly into the building ... rather than forcing the building to fit the equipment. 

Simply put, all parties of the development community enjoy the benefits of a Whalen System – property owners, architects, engineers, builders and facilities management personnel.