• Innovative application solutions for every market need.

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Key Markets and Applications for Whalen HVAC Products

With a 50-year heritage of innovation and manufacturing, The Whalen Company has participated in literally thousands of heating and cooling applications worldwide in all key building segments including:

As the originator of the vertical stack fan coil units and heat pumps, we continue to offer efficient equipment solutions that reduce costs and improve performance.

Benefits Across the Board

Thanks to our expertise and flexible approach to projects and equipment requirements, all parties of the development community enjoy the benefits of a Whalen system:

Architects benefit from small footprints and aesthetic designs

Engineers benefit from flexible design and factory assistance

Owners benefit from lower first costs and easier maintenance

Contractors benefit from reduced installation times and trouble-free start-up

Residents and guests benefit from quiet operation and comfortable room temperatures

We have a strong record of supporting architects and engineers as they work to specify the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems for their projects.