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Whalen: The Approved HVAC Choice for Government and Military Facilities

More than ever, facilities managers for government and military buildings are trying to cut operating costs, improve energy efficiency while sustaining comfort.

With the wide variety of government building types to manage – including army installations, buildings with large chamber rooms, administrative offices and educational facilities – the growing federal mandate to reduce energy usage is an increasing challenge.

The Whalen Company geothermal systems are the best choice for government facilities. A geothermal system is one of the lowest-cost systems to maintain and operate.

Year after year, geothermal systems offer the high efficiency necessary to keep operating costs down.  In fact, they offer a lower operating cost than most comparably zoned systems.  When Whalen heat pumps are used, the system’s ability to recycle energy and use it elsewhere in the building is a key part of the energy savings.

Long-term Heating and Cooling Benefits Across the Board

The extremely long service life of Whalen heating and cooling units provides the high Return on investment (ROI) that is so important when determining the best system for the application. Our fan coil and heat pump units have proven to have long reliable operation and high-energy efficiency, making them the optimal choice for budget-conscious applications.

When budgets are tight and maintenance personnel are being asked to do more and more, having a system that requires very little maintenance is a smart choice.  Many of our products offer the lowest maintenance cost in the industry.  With no more than a filter change throughout the year, your Whalen product will continue to operate quietly and efficiently for decades.

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