• Improving the Working Environment in Office Buildings

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The Perfect Heating and Cooling Choice for Office Buildings

In order to attract tenants, owners and developers must offer reliable comfort control with low first-cost and operating costs, as well as easy maintenance.

Increased productivity and reduced complaints are vital to keeping an office operating efficiently.  By creating a comfortable and healthy environment, office workers typically work longer and happier. 

Whalen has many years of experience in providing optimal space conditioning that is virtually silent, along with being operationally efficent.

Our water source heat pump or fan coil system is extremely adaptable for office building applications. They also tie in well with constant internal heat sources which can be easily recovered.

When it's time for scheduled maintenance, our unique, service-friendly design reduces the downtime typically associated with preventive maintenance.  Hinged service panels, slide-out chassis and easy access to air filters make routine maintenance a snap.

A Solid HVAC Track Record

Our reputation for outstanding reliability has been reinforced in thousands of successful installations. Whalen installations are known for the highest quality, with many of our units still operating 30+ years after they were installed.

You want your office staff to work quietly and efficiently, so why should your HVAC system be any different?  With Whalen products installed, you can rest assured that many years of trouble-free operation are ahead.

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