Inteli-therm™ Vertical Stack Fan Coil with Slide-Out Coil PackInteli therm with Coil Pack

The days of limited – or no – access to the valve package in a fan coil unit are over! If you’re involved in projects like hotels, apartments, condominiums, senior living centers, college dormitories or others that have tight spaces, then the Inteli-therm™ Vertical Stack Fan Coil is the smart choice. And they’re available only from The Whalen Company.

When you specify an Inteli-therm™ Vertical Stack Fan Coil unit with a slide-out coil pack, you also get the advantage of an integrated thermal recovery unit to take advantage of modern building codes and the increasing outside air requirements. Moreover, since the Inteli-therm™ unit ships completely assembled, there is less field work required.  With customization capabilities including riser locations, handing and discharge arrangements and sizes, it means that your new Whalen units will be installed and operating in significantly less time.


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The heating and cooling slide-out coil pack of the Inteli-Therm™ Vertical Stack Fan Coil Unit uses just four fasteners for easy, total accessibility.

The coil-pack also offers lifetime flexibility by allowing upsizing or downsizing as space conditions change.

Among the key benefits of these units are:

  • Integrated Energy Recovery Module - Our integrated energy recovery module is fully removable for easy maintenance and capable of providing fresh air to the occupied space as well as exhausting multiple bathrooms.
  • Constant Fresh Air Flow - Each unit is programmed for a minimum constant air flow
    to provide the required outside air. Optional decorative wall controls provide intermittent high speed exhaust flow from one or two remote locations.
  • Multiple Ventilation Rates - Each energy recovery module is shipped with a factory-set ventilation rate to balance the supply and exhaust air selected.
  • Additional Benefits During Installation - Because the coil pack is designed to slide out, it can be shipped separately from the cabinet. This provides additional user benefits and reduces the risk of damage during the installation phase: