Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil Overview

REND Inteliline White WashWhalen's Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil units are designed to be stacked from floor to floor and utilize vertical supply and return risers in buildings such as hotels, apartments, condominiums, nursing homes and dormitories.

These units are economical because they reduce time, material and labor requirements during installation. Units arrive fully assembled with factory-installed piping packages, controls and risers. A small footprint allows the units to be furred into columns, walls or closets without the need for expensive horizontal connection piping.

With a choice of fixed or slide-out coil pack, the days of limited (or no) access to the valve package in a fan coil unit are over! For projects such as hotels, apartments, condominiums, senior living centers, dormitories and others that have tight spaces … we offer a choice of vertical stack, valve control fan coil units featuring a slide-out coil pack.  And they’re available only from The Whalen Company.

Moreover, since we offer one of the smallest footprints in the industry along with customization capabilities including cabinet height, riser locations, handing and discharge arrangements and sizes, it means that your new Whalen units will be installed and operating in significantly less time. And, you don’t have to settle for a standard unit or a configuration that requires extra installation labor and coordination costs.



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In the slide-out chassis version of the Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Valved Control Fan Coil Unit (WFx), the heating and cooling chassis uses just four fasteners for easy, total accessibility.

The chassis also offers lifetime flexibility by allowing upsizing or downsizing as space conditions change.

Among the key benefits of these WFx units are:

  • Quick, effortless chassis installation and removal
  • Reduced commissioning times
  • The chassis can be shipped separately to ensure clean coils after construction
  • Easy access to the drain pan and all internal components
  • Minimized tenant disruption and loss of income
  • A chassis-only replacement option is available for renovation projects

A vertical stack fan coil unit is one of the simplest methods to heat and cool. The basic fan coil system consists of an air coil and a motor-blower assembly. 

Whether the unit is in a horizontal configuration or a vertical stacked configuration, the basic operation of the unit is the same:  By passing air from the occupied space across the air coil, heat is added to or removed from the air stream as it is supplied back to the occupied space.

Refer to the diagram for a pictorial view.

vertical stack fan coil 03

Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil with Slide-out Chassis 

Vertical Stack Fan Coil Technical Data2

Inteli-line® Vertical Stack Fan Coil with Fixed Chassis

Vertical Stack Fan Coil Technical Data