Belt Drive Horizontal & Vertical Units – Overview

AHVS belt drive air handler whalen companyWhalen Horizontal and Vertical Belt Drive Units come in a variety of configurations to meet practically any commercial or institutional system and design requirement.

Whether you need single-wall or double-wall units … hot water, chilled water and/or electric heat … 2-pipe or 4-pipe configurations, the choice is yours!


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Belt Drive Fan Coil Units

The Whalen Company’s large capacity belt-drive fan coil units combine cooling, heating, humidity control and filtration with the simplicity of a single, compact fan coil unit with an expanded operating range for even more applications.

These features make the belt-drive fan coils highly desirable for building owners, specifying engineers, and contractors alike.

For Building Owners

By using large capacity belt-drive fan coils, building owners have an economical performance option without the price generally associated with more expensive custom air handling equipment:

  • Simplicity of maintenance with easy access to the filter, fan, and motor
  • Quiet unit operation facilitated by large diameter fans and 1" thick insulation
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction provides for long life of the unit
  • An optional stainless steel drain pan for superior corrosion resistance
  • For direct-drive units, multi-speed motors assure optimal power consumption based on desired load, along with fan speed switch unit- or wall-mounted for owner and tenant convenience

For Specifying Engineers

Large capacity fan coils provide great versatility for specifying engineers. Four different models are available with multiple arrangements and configurations:

  • Coil options include 4- and 6-row primary cooling/ heating coils for 2-pipe systems to provide precise heating and cooling performance for any requirement, with any combination of header connection/motor hand locations
  • Secondary 2-row coils are offered in the preheat or reheat position for 4-pipe systems
  • Filtration options include any 2" disposable filter. The standard option is a MERV 3 filter. Special options include MERV 8 and MERV 13 (belt-drive units)
  • A variety of motor voltages, sizes, and types are offered to best match the project specification

For Contractors

Large capacity fan coils offer a stock program for fast delivery in addition to a number of factory- and field installed features which make installation fast and simple:

  • Header connections are ready for field piping with or without valve packages
  • Easy access to all components.
  • Various motor and drive kits for field installation on stock units
  • Factory-preassembled valve packages are available

A fan coil unit is one of the simplest methods to heat and cool. The basic fan coil system consists of an air coil and a motor-blower assembly. 

Whether the unit operates with a free-return, plenum return, or an exposed cabinet, the basic operation of the unit is the same. By passing air from the occupied space across the air coil, heat is added to, or removed from, the air stream as it is supplied back to the occupied space.belt drive fan coil 01

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