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Whalen: The Responsible Heating and Cooling Choice for Retail Facilities

Today's informed consumers are taking environmental and social responsibility into account when deciding where to shop and dine.  As the leading innovator in indoor climate control systems, The Whalen Company has focused on technologies for energy-efficient retail facilities since our beginning in the 1960’s.

Today, we offer innovative and affordable solutions for energy efficiency and sustainable environments the meet the increasing requirements of building codes. Why burden operating profits simply to meet the demands of building codes when you can take advantage of the technology provided by Whalen?

With innovative products that integrate energy recovery modules in our units, our products are able to create and maintain a comfortable environment for shoppers to maximize “in store” time, as well as increase store profits by reducing operating costs. 

Modifications are Easy

Whalen fan coil and heat pump products also provide for easy system modifications based on current or future tenant needs.  With the ever-changing landscape of retail outlets, tenant change-outs need not be a worry when working with The Whalen Company and our equipment.  If the heating and cooling loads change with, the tenant, our units can be changed out easily, without dismantling the entire system and without affecting other tenants.  Just shut off the valves to the unit, disconnect the existing unit, and replace it with a new Whalen unit. It's that simple.

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