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Whalen: The Smart HVAC Choice for Schools and Dormitories

It's no secret that the classroom environment has a direct impact on the success of education. By maintaining proper temperature and humidity control, student concentration and productivity increase. 

Many K-12 schools and colleges are directing their funds to improve the design of their learning environment. The Whalen Company provides products that positively affect classroom facilities and dormitories through comfort conditioning, indoor air quality and operating acoustics.  

Improving the Classroom Environment

The classroom environment is especially susceptible to poor environmental conditions. Numerous sources of pollution can include chalk dust, cleaning agents, various lab chemicals, and even mold.  An effective strategy for improving indoor air quality is to provide adequate classroom ventilation to dilute the contaminants in the occupied space. 

By utilizing Whalen’s integrated energy recovery module, proper outside air can be introduced into the classroom without dramatically increasing operating cost.  By recycling the thermal energy in the exhaust air, outside air is no longer a huge operating penalty – even in cold climates.

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