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Whalen: The Best HVAC Choice for Architects and Engineers

The Whalen Company water-source heat pumps and fan coils are the best choice for architects and engineers when designing energy-efficient buildings of the future.

Why should you use Whalen products for your project? The answer is simple. We're one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

With 50+ years of strong support to engineers and architects, The Whalen Company has the experience and expertise to provide units that meet modern building requirements. 

Whether striving for a particular LEED® certification or simply an environmentally conscience design, Whalen units earn a significant amount of LEED points thanks to our energy efficient geothermal applications. 

Other Benefits

  • Our products are designed for aesthetics.
  • They require minimal outdoor equipment and smaller mechanical rooms.
  • They are designed to blend into the architecture with little or no duct work needed.  

Whalen heating and cooling products are routinely selected for sound-sensitive applications because of our focus on quiet operation through proper acoustical design and minimizing vibration transmission.  Our commitment to developing units that fit the application rather than requiring engineers to design buildings to fit our units is what sets us apart in the industry. 

As many architects around the world are embracing sustainable design and development into their work, The Whalen Company is a key part of the building process that provides quiet and reliable comfort systems. Contact us to learn more.