The Whalen Company Introduces Water Source Heat Pump for Single Riser Integral Pump Applications

Easton, MD — Anticipating trends in some market segments for HVAC systems that consume less in the way of raw materials, installation costs, and operating costs, Whalen Company engineers have incorporated a single riser design into the company’s roster of vertically stacked Series VI heat pumps.

To achieve optimum heating and cooling performance in a single pipe riser configuration, the Whalen unit utilizes an integrated, maintenance-free pump. The wet rotor circulator acts as a decoupled secondary distribution system, delivering specified flow to each terminal unit.The single-riser loop configuration allows engineers to specify one size of pipe for major portions of a project.

For applications with heavier loads, the single-riser loop can be designed as two separate single-riser loops to decrease piping pressure drop and reduce total system head pressure

The single-riser loop configuration offers cost reductions in raw materials, prep work during construction and installation. Hours invested in design calculations are greatly reduced as well.

Company president Tom Delaney commented that the single-riser heat pump design complements the natural advantages of the design flexibility and simplified installation of Whalen’s vertically stacked units. “The cost and labor saving benefits of our units, shipped fully assembled from a controlled factory environment, have represented significant economies for our customers over the years. Our single-riser loop design is just one more tool in the toolbox for achieving optimum efficiency and quality at a lower cost and with a smaller footprint.”

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