The Whalen Company Offers Electronically Commutated Motor for Use with Heat Pump and Fan Coil Units

Easton, MD — The Whalen Company now offers the wide range of features and benefits of an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) in its Series VI Heat Pump and Room Fan Coil units.

ECM incorporates brushless motor technology, and with speed and torque controls built in, offers the efficiency and control benefits of a DC motor while eliminating the drawbacks of shorter life cycle, noise and brush wear.

The pre-programmable feature of ECM allows it to operate at higher efficiencies as it delivers constant airflow over a range of conditions. As conditions change, ECM adjusts its speed and torque automatically, conserving energy when less torque and speed are needed.

Owners, contractors and engineers will all benefit from ECM’s combination of features. Optimum levels of performance boost efficiency and lower operating costs. Consistency of CFM simplifies both specification choices and installation labor. Reduced noise and enhanced airflow improve comfort levels in conditioned spaces.

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