Whisperline WCS Console

Whisperline® WCS Console Water Source Heat Pump

WCS Console Technical Data

The WCS Series is the perfect solution for new construction and replacement projects the competition can’t match. The Whalen Company backs the WCS with a customer friendly one-year parts and labor warranty and five-year compressor warranty.

Damage Protection

The standard high-pressure switch and evaporator coil freeze protection, in conjunction with the electronic control board, stops unit operation before damage occurs, should airflow become reduced or obstructed due to dirty filters, obstructed airflow, or motor failure. A freezestat protects the water coil from freeze damage due to water temperature or flow problems. The water coil is designed for low water-side pressure drop, eliminating potential pump sizing and water flow problems. High efficiency compressors provide demonstrated reliability and low sound levels and cut energy costs.

Fast and Easy Replacement

Because the WCS dimensions and construction details were established with retrofit projects in mind, replacement work is fast and easy. With the compact footprint and a cabinet height short enough to fit under window sills, the need for expensive room renovation, redecorating, or piping & wiring changes is eliminated. The WCS is the solution that gets your property back in service nquickly and at the lowest total cost.

Optional Chassis Only

These console units are offered as chassis-only to work with the existing or custom room cabinets or with a new cabinet for a complete installation. The chassis contains the compressor, air side heat exchanger, water side heat exchanger, evaporator fan motor, and control and safety components.

Options and Accessories

• Room cabinet (LH and RH available)
• Flow control valve
• Electric or hydronic heat
• Control options
• Valves and unions
• Line cords
• Boilerless
• Hose kits
• Customer-specified custom features
• Low temp option