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The Whalen Company Introduces the Whisperline® VD Series

Evie Sibert
Marketing Manager
The Whalen Company

Whisperline Two Stage Right Angle

Easton, Md., December 28, 2018 – The Whalen Company, a pioneering manufacturer of HVAC vertical stack riser heat-exchanger fan coil units and water-source heat pumps, announces the Whisperline® VD Series, the first 2 stage water source heat pump on the market.   

The Whisperline VD is a highly efficient unit that provides an ideal solution for high performing buildings. The VD Series includes a two-stage scroll compressor and an ECM Motor (electronically commutated) resulting in superior efficiency and comfort.
“The Whisperline VD Series continues the long history of innovation from The Whalen Company.  I am excited to push the vertical stack industry past where it has been for decades” said Tony Landers, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Whalen Company.  “By introducing the industry’s first multistage vertical stack heat pump, we can provide the efficiency developers and end users demand with the compact footprint architects require in modern high-rise applications.”
Available in 2 through 3-ton capacities, the units are engineered to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling as part of either boiler/cooling tower or geothermal applications.    This series offers customers best-in-class comfort, efficiency and low noise levels along with a wide range of available options. The Whisperline® VD incorporates a number of features and options that provide maximum comfort and performance to users and maximum flexibility to engineers and architects.

Since Whalen offers one of the smallest footprints in the industry along with customization capabilities including cabinet height, riser locations, handing and discharge arrangements and sizes, Whisperline® units can be installed and operating in significantly less time. By utilizing a set of vertical risers, Whisperline® units are able to stack from floor to floor, thereby simplifying the installation.  For staged installation projects, cabinets can be shipped separately from the refrigerant chassis.

The chassis, which includes the complete refrigerant circuit, slides into the cabinet after the construction debris has been removed to ensure trouble-free operation at start up. When a chassis requires service, it can be quickly replaced in a matter of minutes by sliding the existing chassis out and sliding a spare chassis in its place.
Dual-level vibration isolators can be integrated into every unit to help minimize vibration and noise transmission. An acoustically insulated enclosure and a floating compressor further reduces any sound transmission, making these units ideal for noise-sensitive applications.

“One unique aspect of the Whisperline products is the single-piece cabinet wrapper.  Rather than using individual panels screwed together, we utilize one single sheet to form the cabinet,” said JC Correa, VP of Manufacturing at The Whalen Company.  “When combined with the button lock front panel, the result is a very strong cabinet with minimal air leakage compared to our competition.”  

About The Whalen Company

Founded in 1962, The Whalen Company supplies HVAC equipment and systems that are found in thousands of installations including offices, hotels, condominiums, apartments, nursing care and senior living facilities, as well as classrooms and dormitories.

Whalen products are distinctive in concept, performance, reliability and energy efficiency, thereby delivering a “perfect fit” solution for customers. In addition to their popularity in new construction projects, they are highly suited for renovation or equipment replacement projects completed in less time and at lower cost.

For more information about The Whalen Company and its product line, including resources such as technical data, engineering drawings and digital equipment selection software, visit www.whalencompany.com.

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